Monday, January 28, 2008


Pterodactyl talk. A Wittke trait I apparently did not acquire, but my son did (I'm wondering if I will ever hear the end of it).

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Son Everyone Worries About

As Sam skips off the bus this afternoon, I notice he's surprisingly in a good mood. I know he's had this "girlfriend" at school--how serious can it be right? Well, this is what I find in his backpack today:

"Wil you kis me sam (kiss lips illustrated here)
Love Emily"

So, I ask Sam, did you kiss Emily today? He admits to a peck on the cheek. Oh, I'm so scared. This is just the beginning. When are we obligated to pay child support?????

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

French Fries

I remember when I said, "My kids will not eat french fries before the age of one". Well, as you can see by the recent picture, I broke down. McDonald's french fries are too good not share with your loved ones. I've justified her first fry since she was also eating peas. Poor Rebekah, it's all down hill from here. Next week, filet o' fish here we come!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Got the job! Details to follow next week, until then....

The kids are excited there is a white blanket of snow outside (half of which is in my mud room now). Eating Grandma's famous popcorn recipe and hot cocoa as they warm up.

Let's pray for school tomorrow.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Job Update

I wanted to thank those of you who have said so many wonderful things about me to my potential future employer. I will now have to live up to all those expectations, including climbing Mount Everest and walking across the Delaware. The woman that called me today said if I don't get arrested in the next few days she will be calling me with a job offer--she obviously does not know my children. I failed to tell her I had a trip to the doctors office for the 4th time in ten days with all 3 kids. It was a nightmare. It got so bad, the doctor prescribed ME a book to read about how to control my children. It was humiliating. It also didn't help to hear Rebekah STILL has an ear infection and Sam now has a double ear infection. Since Sam did not go to school today, his homework was sent home with a friend. I have kindly given that task to Joel. I already hear the frustrations. "FOCUS!", says Joel. However, last night's verbals were a little more profane as the Cowboys lost their chance in the playoffs. Thank God football is over for the Cowboys this season, I couldn't handle even one more game. The closer they get to victory, the more intense it got around here. Speaking of which, I placed 3rd in Poker Saturday night--another $15 in my pocket!
Also, want to congratulate my friend (you know who you are) who just found out she is expecting her 3rd child. This is such great news and I'm so happy for us, we can be admitted to the loony bin together!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Biggest Loser

This biggest loser diet contest stinks! Our neighborhood is having a contest, who can lose the most weight from now until Memorial Day weekend. Joel and I are both on board so the healthy eating began last week. Problem is, I LOVE to eat. I think eating well is living well. (I must get that from my Grandpa, Lee Wittke) So, life was so much fun for awhile (pregnancy, then breastfeeding), now Rebekah is 6 1/2 months old and I've officially stopped breastfeeding. Very liberating, however, now I have no excuse to eat chocolate chip cookies, candy, pecan dreams, ice cream or left over fries from the kids' Happy Meals after I've finished my super-sized value meal. It's all about carrots, celery, chicken, chicken, and more chicken, rice, oatmeal and water. BORING. This is no way to live. I'm the fattest one of our group so I have the most to lose, good luck to me.

P.S. Brett, if you happen to read this before the game, good luck to you as well! Go PACKERS (that's for you mom)

P.S.S. Ladies poker league tonight at 7pm. Hopefully I will NOT be the biggest loser. Good luck to me again!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Job Interview Today

I come downstairs dressed in my business attire this afternoon. Elizabeth asks if we are going to church. I said no, mommy is going for a job today. "On Webkinz???" she asks. No, not today, it's a real job that pays less than the fence painting on Webkinz (and I've mastered that skill!). My interview is for a company called Home Instead. I'm applying to become a Care Giver, who assists the elderly (usually in their own homes) with anything they need help with whether it's preparing a meal, doing light housekeeping, or just companionship. I've always wanted to work in the medical field, but I do not want to prick people with needles or change old man diapers--as appealing as that sounds. I need to bring 3 personal references with me. I've asked my friend Kristin and she said she'd try to find some nice things to say about me. This morning, she sends me this e-mail:

GOOD LUCK!!! I know you will do great and if it is something you want then I know you will get it. You have kindness, compassion, and the ability to get it done (and of course a great sense of humor) show them that and it will be clear to anyone that you are the person they need for this job. However, be sure not to mention the short fuse with your loving children and sometimes Joel. How do they bring out the worst in us? Ha ha.

Love you and Good Luck,


It brought tears to my eyes that she thinks so highly of me. She is a great friend, thank you for always being there Kristin!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

First Day of Blogging

What am I doing? I have three small children and I'm BLOGGING. I don't have time for this. I don't even have time to breathe, let alone blog. Dishes to do, laundry to fold, floors to sweep, sales to find, surf the internet, feed-burp-change newborn, let out dog to pee (she gets ignored on a regular basis anyway), dinner to prepare etc. etc. etc. My husband will ask the dreaded question, "what have you done all day?" Well, I'll say, you have Holly Homer to thank for this unkept home. See, I do everything Holly does. Holly does yoga, Michelle does yoga. Holly does Pokeno, Michelle does Pokeno. Holly has a third child, Michelle has a third child. Holly trades in a Toyota Sequoia for a Honda Odyssey, Michelle does the same. Holly makes friends on Party Poker, Michelle finds long lasting friendships on Party Poker. Holly blogs, now Michelle blogs. What is the Holly obsession you ask? I met Holly at the Texas Motor Speedway Club one day way back in 2004. We were just finishing up a yoga class, she follows me in the ladies' locker room and practically tackles me down to introduce herself. "Hi, I'm Holly, you look like a very nice, fun person, I need friends, would you like to play Pokeno with me?" Holly asks. "Sure!" I say and our friendship blossoms from there. My time in Texas would not have been the same without my friend Holly. This post is dedicated to you my friend! Did I do this right???? (Holly's blog)