Thursday, January 10, 2008

Job Interview Today

I come downstairs dressed in my business attire this afternoon. Elizabeth asks if we are going to church. I said no, mommy is going for a job today. "On Webkinz???" she asks. No, not today, it's a real job that pays less than the fence painting on Webkinz (and I've mastered that skill!). My interview is for a company called Home Instead. I'm applying to become a Care Giver, who assists the elderly (usually in their own homes) with anything they need help with whether it's preparing a meal, doing light housekeeping, or just companionship. I've always wanted to work in the medical field, but I do not want to prick people with needles or change old man diapers--as appealing as that sounds. I need to bring 3 personal references with me. I've asked my friend Kristin and she said she'd try to find some nice things to say about me. This morning, she sends me this e-mail:

GOOD LUCK!!! I know you will do great and if it is something you want then I know you will get it. You have kindness, compassion, and the ability to get it done (and of course a great sense of humor) show them that and it will be clear to anyone that you are the person they need for this job. However, be sure not to mention the short fuse with your loving children and sometimes Joel. How do they bring out the worst in us? Ha ha.

Love you and Good Luck,


It brought tears to my eyes that she thinks so highly of me. She is a great friend, thank you for always being there Kristin!


HRH said...

Good luck!!! I know that if it is something you want then you will get it. Be sure not to mention that you verbal filter is sometimes in the "off" position.

I am totally kidding because of what Kristin go girl. I would highly recommend you without any passive aggressive comments as listed above.

HRH said...

Hi again! How is it going? Hey, I added you to my blogroll--please stop by and see your glorious link. Do you want to wear our matching shirts tomorrow?