Saturday, January 12, 2008

Biggest Loser

This biggest loser diet contest stinks! Our neighborhood is having a contest, who can lose the most weight from now until Memorial Day weekend. Joel and I are both on board so the healthy eating began last week. Problem is, I LOVE to eat. I think eating well is living well. (I must get that from my Grandpa, Lee Wittke) So, life was so much fun for awhile (pregnancy, then breastfeeding), now Rebekah is 6 1/2 months old and I've officially stopped breastfeeding. Very liberating, however, now I have no excuse to eat chocolate chip cookies, candy, pecan dreams, ice cream or left over fries from the kids' Happy Meals after I've finished my super-sized value meal. It's all about carrots, celery, chicken, chicken, and more chicken, rice, oatmeal and water. BORING. This is no way to live. I'm the fattest one of our group so I have the most to lose, good luck to me.

P.S. Brett, if you happen to read this before the game, good luck to you as well! Go PACKERS (that's for you mom)

P.S.S. Ladies poker league tonight at 7pm. Hopefully I will NOT be the biggest loser. Good luck to me again!

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HRH said...

Whatever you do, just don't lose at have my reputation to uphold in the east.