Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Son Everyone Worries About

As Sam skips off the bus this afternoon, I notice he's surprisingly in a good mood. I know he's had this "girlfriend" at school--how serious can it be right? Well, this is what I find in his backpack today:

"Wil you kis me sam (kiss lips illustrated here)
Love Emily"

So, I ask Sam, did you kiss Emily today? He admits to a peck on the cheek. Oh, I'm so scared. This is just the beginning. When are we obligated to pay child support?????

1 comment:

HRH said...

You are so in trouble with him!

Let me get this don't have time to answer 5 little questions? Pleeeeeease, a few weeks ago you didn't have time to blog. Do I need to come over there and manage your time??? hahaha. You need to get to know Burgh Baby's mom...she gets you.